Udemy Review: Is it The Right E-learning Platform In 2022?

Udemy is certainly a name you’ve probably heard of. It is considered one of the largest online educational platforms available. Individuals will be pleased to know that this platform has more than 183,000 courses with over 44 million students. Platform describes itself as a ‘leading global marketplace for learning and instruction’ by delivering access to thousands of certified courses produced by independent instructors to millions of students. Udemy provides access to courses for individuals to businesses and even allows experts and instructors to host their own course content.

How Does Udemy Work?

You’re probably wondering if Udemy is right for you. If a wide range of courses is something you’re seeking, then consider it is the right e-learning platform. With categories ranging from Lifestyle to Finance & Accounting, offering a huge diversity of courses categories that there is truly no limit to what apprentices may learn. Its courses range from novice to advanced, so you’ll find one that matches your ambition and skills. Udemy stands out from tough rivals like Pluralsight and Skillshare because of courses diversity. The truth is that this platform is available to everybody, regardless of previous knowledge or expertise.

Are Any Udemy Courses Free?

Yes. Udemy offers over 500 free online courses on subjects ranging from beginner photography to game programming to time management and public speaking. Exploring the free courses — which don’t come with certificates of completion or direct teacher interaction — may be a fantastic way to learn about new subjects or see whether this platform is right for you. All you have to do is sign up for a free email account.

Will Udemy Help You With Your Career?

Udemy courses are perfect for anybody who wants to study, enhance their personal growth, or consider a career change; allow qualifying for a job if lacking skills, or even help master their field. Learners will get a Completion Certificate for all purchased courses, which they can share with coworkers and future employers. The certificate documents your achievements as well as the abilities you’ve acquired, but remember that Udemy is not an accredited institution.

How Much do Udemy Courses Cost?

Udemy has 183,000+ courses that are constantly being added daily by new teachers. Its single courses cost anywhere between $11.99 and can go up to $199.99. Most of the time, courses are heavily discounted, with the final price ending up being 10% of its original cost. It doesn’t only offer individual courses; it has courses for Business. The Team plan costs $360 per user per year, and the Enterprise plan is customized based on the number of users but needs a minimum of 21 users.

Final Thoughts

As I (BEN) sum up this short guide, you should have a comprehensive understanding of how it all works. Let me briefly summarize below; If you only want to commit to a reasonably priced individual course with the chance of it being discounted, then Udemy has you covered. It has a course catalog of 183,000+ courses on pretty much any topic you desire, which instructors continuously update.

Udemy for Business offers 3 different plans depending on the team size. 

  • Team plan (5-20 users) with $360 per user for 1 year
  • Enterprise plan (21 or more users) – contact sales for a customized price.
  • Leadership Development Programs (Open & Private Programs) – contact sales for a quote.

Lastly, if the purchased course isn’t for you, you are entitled to a 30-day money-back guarantee. The refund request is straightforward, and you can expect the money back in your account within 5-10 business days.

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