Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest Review – Does All-In-One SEO Tool Really Have It All?

If you’ve spent enough time in the digital marketing world, then you know who Neil Patel is. And somewhere, we’ve all utilised ideas and concepts from his blog to grow email marketing lists, improve our CTAs, and, more than anything, enhance SEO, which makes perfect sense, as the release of Neil’s latest project, Ubersuggest, is quickly becoming the go-to solution for keyword research and SEO analysis, but does it SEO tool really have it all? Let’s dive right in to find out!

What Is Ubersuggest?


Ubersuggest is one of the most popular Content Marketing and SEO tools among SEO professionals and marketers as the platform leads them to gain an edge with individual strategy by offering users one of the largest keywords databases ever available and hundreds of millions of content ideas while allowing them to understand their competitors’ SEO strategy and insights on fixing errors on their website that might be hampering the efforts. The services include 

– Create a project to measure your SEO progress

– Finding and tracking profitable keywords

– Finding and fixing errors to improve your technical SEO

– Coming up with content ideas that stand out

– Using the Ubersuggest Chrome Extension

Pros and Cons of Ubersuggest

→ A beginner-friendly tool with an easy interface
→ Helpful and responsive support
→ Provides practical and effective functions required for a full SEO campaign
→ Ubersuggest is backed up by well-known digital marketer Neil Patel 
→ Affordable monthly pricing and lifetime deal
→ SEO app is fully mobile responsive
→ Provides guides, tooltip, and explanations to define each aspect of the tool
→ Users can look at data and results for the city or country level
→ Ubersuggest connects with the Google – Webmaster Console account and obtains data into the application too
→ Connects with Google Webmaster Console and allows Ubersuggest to view the site’s verified data.
→ Sometimes Ubersuggest is stuck on loading; closing and reopening it remains the only option to use it.
→ Ubersuggest is no longer free; their free plan has minimal data and features. 
→ The tool’s features/functions are limited and low compared to the market. (New/
Lost Backlinks, Keyword Gap, Comparison & etc.)
→  It doesn’t show an accurate level of competition for any keyword, which means it doesn’t give any search metrics.

Ubersuggest Pricing


Ubersuggest has three main plans that primarily vary on the number of sites and keywords you can track.

IndividualBusinessEnterprise / Agency
Plans for Entrepreneurs and small businessesSmall and medium businessesLarge businesses and agency
Ideal for managing 1-3 Websites4-7 Websites8+ Websites
Reports100 reports/day300 reports/day900 reports/day
Keywords/ Keyword suggestions 300 keywords, 20,000 keyword suggestions1000 keywords, 50,000 keyword suggestions3000 keywords, 100,000 keyword suggestions
Locations20 locationsUnlimited locationsUnlimited locations
Pricing $29 USD/month$49 USD/month$99 USD/month
Lifetime Subscription
$12 USD/month
$120 USD/month(offer for a limited time)
$20 USD/month
$200 USD/month(offer for a limited time)
$40 USD/month
$400 USD/month(offer for a limited time)

Is Ubersuggest Worth It?

Absolutely. While Ubersuggest doesn’t quite do everything AhRefs and SEMrush do, it’s close enough for 90% of digital marketers out there. And it even does something the most expensive keyword trackers can’t do, such as updating results daily. For something that starts at $29/month, that’s pretty impressive.

Plus, it’s easy to use. You don’t have to waste any time navigating a complex onboarding process. If you want an intuitive, affordable, and excellent selection of essential SEO features, it’s hard to beat this great tool.

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