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A Scribd Review: Does Its Online Library Service Worth It In 2022?

The audiobook is a modern conception for all bibliomaniacs as the practice of reading books has changed dramatically with having a significant explanation of why audiobooks are formidable to deny as readers appreciate how these platforms are beneficial where the whole book can be listened to while accomplishing any other chore or task, but when it comes to online libraries, the Amazon Kindle and Audible pretty much reigns supreme that shares a considerable market. After trying pretty much every ebook subscription service over the past couple of years, We (Mentorgenix) would break down our first impressions with this Scribd, an American audiobook and e-book subscription service. 

What is Scribd?

Scribd premium

Scribd, frequently anointed “The Netflix of Books,” evolved into the #1 option in online libraries, founded in 2007, and has made noticeable progress with 700,000 monthly subscribers globally. Scribd has access to over 1000  publishing houses, including the Big 5 (Penguin Random House, Simon and Schuster, HarperCollins, Macmillan, and Hachette). As for preference, Scribd can offer over 1 MILLION different audiobook and eBooks titles.

That’s right. Scribd provides an all-in-one service that individuals can check out and read on any device — PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and even Kindle! One of the keen Scribd benefits is that it delivers both eBooks and audiobooks in one place, unlike Amazon, which has both Kindle and Audible Unlimited. Let’s have a quick peek at all three.

Scribd vs Audible vs Kindle Unlimited

ScribdAudibleKindle Unlimited
eBook Selection500000+One million+
Audiobook Selection200000+475000+
Rental LimitUnlimited1-2 Audiobooks per MonthCan Hold Up to 10 Books at Once
Sheet MusicYesYes
Subscription Pricing$11.99/Month$14.95/Month$9.99/Month

How Much Is Scribd? Scribd Price And Discounts

Scribd premium

Now, Scribd’s accomplishments contain an incredible 30-day free trial, but what follows in the trial? After the trial period expires, individuals need to switch to their premium paid service. However, compared to its competitors, Scribd brings the blue ribbon regarding price. A monthly subscription is only $11.99 USD! Simply put, that is roughly the price of 3 coffee mugs for an unlimited book; that’s what we call the pretty heck of a deal. 

Like all other book services out there practically, it is a recurring subscription, though it can be canceled at any time. If you are a learner, you can get a monthly membership of Scribd for just $4.99 with the 30-day free trial, which is a great deal, but recognizes that the offer is for new members only.

Scribd Review: Pros and Cons

Everything carries its benefits and drawbacks, and the same stands to Scribd, having several ups and downs.

Scribd Pros Scribd Cons
→ Scribd presents the book downloading option, where individuals can download a book and even read it while offline.
→ The app provides a generous 30-days free trial before beginning its monthly subscription.
→ Special discounts or deals are available for students.
→ An affordable choice as corresponded to other applications available in the market.
→ Scribd’s website and application are both user-friendly.
→ Huge library with a wonderful collection of books, audiobooks, magazines, comics, etc.
→ The individual can access their application from multiple devices, including laptops, pc, tablets, mobiles, etc.
→ Huge numbers of subscribers complained that their titles were missing from the library.
Hence, individuals may not discover some significant titles in Scribd.
→ Some users usually report that they are charged the monthly fee even after canceling the monthly subscription.
→ It is considered mandatory for all users to have credit card details while signing up, even with the free trial.
→ Doesn’t support Kindle Paperwhite.
→ Doesn’t authorize hiding some categories from search results

Final Words

Scribd Premium

Are you a voracious bookworm who can not get their hands on enough away from the books? If the answer is “yes, ” perhaps Scribd is the ideal platform for you with its unlimited nature that provides higher access to books than Amazon’s Audible and Kindle Unlimited. Scribd offers considerably better deals when it comes to pricing, but keep one thing in mind users are not owning the books, they are just borrowing them from the platform. 

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