Placeit Review – Is It Worth The Hype And Money In 2022?

Branding is everything these days, and it can be found everywhere; leading social media serves as a virtual billboard for commercials, making branding an essential and core aspect of any marketing strategy. However, an individual won’t be able to present and deliver their idea with designs by themselves, at least not at the “expert” level to make their firm profitable.

Designers would undoubtedly relate to the searching struggle for creative video templates, graphics, or logo designs for their client projects. What if a platform existed that could simplify this process by discovering the dozens of ways? Well, Placeit can help you create extraordinary designs. How? Let’s dive right in with Mentorgenix to find out!

What Is Placeit?


Placeit is a cloud-based application that allows designers to create animated films, mockups, graphics, social media logos, photos, and other marketing and personal assets. It has over 87k templates in its library, founded in 2012 by the world’s biggest digital asset marketplace, Envato. Placeit was created with the primary purpose of providing hundreds of templates to make the design process easier and cheaper for the common user regardless of their skills or knowledge, to easily create designs in a matter of seconds.

How Much Does Placeit Cost?

Placeit has plenty of free templates and mockups stored without watermark, but it doesn’t really have a free trial for the premium plan (quite the bummer), individual need to upgrade to the Unlimited subscription to be able to see everything.

Single DownloadMonthly UnlimitedAnnual Unlimited
Price RangeFrom $2.99 – $39.99 per download$14.95 per month$89.69 per year
= $7.47/month (save 50%)
ResourcesImage mockups – $7video mockups – $9video purchase – $91 design template – $21 logo purchase – $39Everything includedEverything included 

All these plans provide high-quality designs, free of watermarks and permitted commercial usage!

How Do You Cancel Your Placeit Account?

If the account holder is no longer interested in subscribing, they are free to cancel their subscription at any time; consider sending a cancellation request one day prior to a business day. There’s no minimum commitment duration; a commercial license is incorporated with all purchases. Be sure you commit to the investments as Placeit can’t refund.

Pros And Cons of Placeit 

Placeit ProsPlaceit Cons
– User-friendly and simple interface
– Create great-looking designs super quick
– Design templates for numerous niches and industries
– Quality logo and templates maker 
– Outstanding font library and huge mockup library 
– Simple and effective video maker
– Full branding templates for Twitch and YouTube 
– Good value subscription prices with unlimited downloads
– Good range of free templates 
– Always adding new templates to their library
– No real collaboration features
– Only download videos as MP4s
– Only download static designs as PNGs
– Limited text customization options
– Can’t upload your own fonts
– limited design customization options overall
– Videomaker has limited customization options
– Tough to create outstanding designs from the blank canvas feature

Final Words

Placeit is the brightest and most powerful tool that can help an individual with a number of things, such as creating attractive designs and assets for their online business or platforms that can stand out from the crowd! Whether you need a logo, video, or banner, Placeit is the platform that has it all. From our experience with Placeit, we must say that the templates, tools, services, and easy-to-use interface is a tremendous time-saving asset at numerous end for video editors, gamers, musicians, content creators, and even for better representation of businesses.

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    1. Placeit is great if you want to churn out designs very quickly as most of their templates require very little customization. But if you’re looking for a bit more flexibility, customization options, and also a design interface that’s easier on the eye then Canva is the tool for you.

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