An Honest Skillshare Review: Is Skillshare Subscription Worth The Money In 2022?

It’s been almost a decade since the online learning platform Skillshare launched, which doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon. It’s currently home to nearly 30,000 classes that teach a detailed specific skill engagingly and interactively. Thousands of those classes are available entirely for free to make things matter even better! Most, however, are locked with a monthly subscription fee, making us wonder if Skillshare Subscription is worth the Money in 2022? Mentorgenix dived deep into it to the learning pool to find out.

What is Skillshare?

Skillshare is a virtual learning platform with a fantastic community for creative people who want to learn and master specific skills. The instructors aren’t generally the world-renowned household names who grace the MasterClass virtual halls but are considered more knowledgeable, more organized, and more professional than the run-of-the-mill. Nearly all courses are presented in English, and nowadays, its apprentices are spreading worldwide. This platform boasts over 5 million users, most of whom belong from the United States.

How does Skillshare work?

How does Skillshare work?

Skillshare works as an online streaming/ learning platform, so individuals pick the course they enjoy taking. A video queue will appear where a certified professional teach learners how to gain skills in the particular niche. Although around 2000 free courses are available, most require a monthly subscription to best Skillshare classes. As individuals work their way through a course, they can ask the teacher or other students questions in the Discussions tab. 

Most teachers deliver feedback and answers fairly quickly, but be patient as educating isn’t their full-time job. Once you conclude the final assignment, you can share it under the Resources & Projects tab, where you can find others’ works as well.

How Much Does Skillshare Premium Cost?

For Individual Nos of Classes Community Networking & CollaborationOffline AccessDiscounts on other products
Monthly ($19.99)UnlimitedYesYesYes
Annual ($167.88/$13.99 a month)UnlimitedYesYesYes

Typically there’s a 7-day free trial available for individuals, and even they can get a full month of Skillshare Premium for free! Although an annual subscription is cheaper, but isn’t refundable after 7 days, whereas you can cancel a subscription at any time if you take a monthly pack, so be sure you’ll use it before pulling the trigger.

How Much Does SkillShare Premium Cost?

Benefits of Skillshare Premium

  • Access to all classes: Nearly 30,000 classes are unlocked with a single fee.
  • Enhanced community access: Get advice and feedback for your projects from Skillshare’s growing community.
  • No ads: Free classes include ads, but a Premium subscription removes them.
  • Support your favorite teachers: Membership fees go towards paying your favorite teachers.
  • Offline access: Download classes on your tablet or phone via the app for offline viewing.
  • Other perks: Discounts on other services like Adobe Creative Cloud, Squarespace, Todoist, and others (annual membership only).

Final Words

All in all, Skillshare is a great online learning platform for professionals and newbies looking for an affordable way to sharpen their skills, as well as lifelong learners who want expertise, variety, and flexibility. Access to thousands of professional classes for a single fee represents a significant value for frequent learners, making it worth going with the Premium Subscription.

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