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A Scribd Review: Does Its Online Library Service Worth It In 2022?

The audiobook is a modern conception for all bibliomaniacs as the practice of reading books has changed dramatically with having a significant explanation of why audiobooks are formidable to deny as readers appreciate how these platforms are beneficial where the whole book can be listened to while accomplishing any other chore or task, but when it comes to online libraries, the Amazon Kindle and Audible pretty much reigns supreme that shares a considerable market. After trying pretty much every ebook subscription service over the past couple of years, We (Mentorgenix) would break down our first impressions with this Scribd, an American audiobook and e-book subscription service. 

What is Scribd?

Scribd, frequently anointed “The Netflix of Books,” evolved into the #1 option in online libraries, founded in 2007, and has made noticeable progress with 700,000 monthly subscribers globally. Scribd has access to over 1000  publishing houses, including the Big 5 (Penguin Random House, Simon and Schuster, HarperCollins, Macmillan, and Hachette). As for preference, Scribd can offer over 1 MILLION different audiobook and eBooks titles.

That’s right. Scribd provides an all-in-one service that individuals can check out and read on any device — PC, Mac, Android, iOS, and even Kindle! One of the keen Scribd benefits is that it delivers both eBooks and audiobooks in one place, unlike Amazon, which has both Kindle and Audible Unlimited. Let’s have a quick peek at all three.

Scribd vs Audible vs Kindle Unlimited

ScribdAudibleKindle Unlimited
eBook Selection500000+One million+
Audiobook Selection200000+475000+
Rental LimitUnlimited1-2 Audiobooks per MonthCan Hold Up to 10 Books at Once
Sheet MusicYesYes
Subscription Pricing$11.99/Month$14.95/Month$9.99/Month

How Much Is Scribd? Scribd Price And Discounts

Now, Scribd’s accomplishments contain an incredible 30-day free trial, but what follows in the trial? After the trial period expires, individuals need to switch to their premium paid service. However, compared to its competitors, Scribd brings the blue ribbon regarding price. A monthly subscription is only $11.99 USD! Simply put, that is roughly the price of 3 coffee mugs for an unlimited book; that’s what we call the pretty heck of a deal. 

Like all other book services out there practically, it is a recurring subscription, though it can be canceled at any time. If you are a learner, you can get a monthly membership of Scribd for just $4.99 with the 30-day free trial, which is a great deal, but recognizes that the offer is for new members only.

Scribd Review: Pros and Cons

Everything carries its benefits and drawbacks, and the same stands to Scribd, having several ups and downs.

Scribd Pros Scribd Cons
→ Scribd presents the book downloading option, where individuals can download a book and even read it while offline.
→ The app provides a generous 30-days free trial before beginning its monthly subscription.
→ Special discounts or deals are available for students.
→ An affordable choice as corresponded to other applications available in the market.
→ Scribd’s website and application are both user-friendly.
→ Huge library with a wonderful collection of books, audiobooks, magazines, comics, etc.
→ The individual can access their application from multiple devices, including laptops, pc, tablets, mobiles, etc.
→ Huge numbers of subscribers complained that their titles were missing from the library.
Hence, individuals may not discover some significant titles in Scribd.
→ Some users usually report that they are charged the monthly fee even after canceling the monthly subscription.
→ It is considered mandatory for all users to have credit card details while signing up, even with the free trial.
→ Doesn’t support Kindle Paperwhite.
→ Doesn’t authorize hiding some categories from search results

Final Words

Are you a voracious bookworm who can not get their hands on enough away from the books? If the answer is “yes, ” perhaps Scribd is the ideal platform for you with its unlimited nature that provides higher access to books than Amazon’s Audible and Kindle Unlimited. Scribd offers considerably better deals when it comes to pricing, but keep one thing in mind users are not owning the books, they are just borrowing them from the platform. 

Learning Review – Is Worth Getting In 2022?

Distance learning can be a notable investment of both money and time for pupils, making it crucial to choose the online learning platform wisely, and keeping up with the current trend landscape is no picnic either. That’s where enters in the hope of helping education seekers by offering an affordable option of work-at-home and advanced education opportunities for those who need it. Mentorgenix will provide in-depth information about as they tout itself as the “largest and most extensive website for education seekers.” Let’s dive straight into it to find out, shall we?

What is is a MOOC-providing platform that makes education effective, affordable, and engaging with short video lessons developed and designed by subject matter experts. Lessons are supported by:

  • Quizzes
  • Scheduling tools
  • Chapter tests
  • Course practice tests
  • Flashcards
  • A mobile application that enables apprentices to learn anytime, anywhere.

Over 30 million students in a month use study tools and online courses to achieve their educational goals. It helps college and K-12 students excel academically and enables experts to gain additional skills in achieving their career aspirations. It offers over 200 courses recommended for college credit on Education (ACE) by the American Council and the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS).

Pros and Cons of

– Easy to navigate
– Decent pricing- Multiple features to choose from
– Disappointing course thumbnail design
– A couple of shady controversies- Doesn’t have much to deliver for advanced learners

Is legit?

Yes. All courses offered for credit by are authorized by the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS) and/or the American Council on Education (ACE). Once the credit is earned, it is transferrable to over 1,500 different universities and colleges across the United States. A review resulted in a “B” rating on a scale of A+ to F by the Better Business Bureau, indicating how the agency predicts the business will interact in the future based on its past performance with its customers and customer complaints as has 244 complaints filed with the BBB. Pricing Model

Basic EditionPremium EditionCollege Accelerator
DetailsThe basic edition of grants users accesses to all video lessons and the transcripts of each lesson, along with technical support.Upgrading to’s premium edition grants users access to all of the features of the basic edition with additional featuresA college accelerator subscription is the only plan contributing to pupils’ access to transferrable college credit. It enabled students to earn college credit by bringing the final exams for up to 2 college courses each month.
Features– Unlimited Access to Lessons
– Access to Technical Support
– Transcripts of Lessons
– Instructor Support
– Practice Assessments 
– Completion Certificates
– Individualized Coaching
– Progress Tracking
– Custom Course Material
– Opportunity to Earn College Credit
– Access to 2 Exams Monthly
– Remote Exam Access
Price = $29.99/month $325/year= $59.99/month
= $199.99/month

Final Words

After a comprehensive review, it’s clear that has successfully established itself on most of its claims by certainly offering a wide range of educational resources and tools for traditional or distance learning students of all ages and levels of education. Moreover, it provides an advanced learning experience that is accessible, convenient, and even enjoyable with its easy-to-navigate features. All in all, if you wonder is worth it, there isn’t really a simple Yes or No answer. It depends on an individual’s expectations, goals, financial situation, etc.


Udemy Review: Is it The Right E-learning Platform In 2022?

Udemy is certainly a name you’ve probably heard of. It is considered one of the largest online educational platforms available. Individuals will be pleased to know that this platform has more than 183,000 courses with over 44 million students. Platform describes itself as a ‘leading global marketplace for learning and instruction’ by delivering access to thousands of certified courses produced by independent instructors to millions of students. Udemy provides access to courses for individuals to businesses and even allows experts and instructors to host their own course content.

How Does Udemy Work?

You’re probably wondering if Udemy is right for you. If a wide range of courses is something you’re seeking, then consider it is the right e-learning platform. With categories ranging from Lifestyle to Finance & Accounting, offering a huge diversity of courses categories that there is truly no limit to what apprentices may learn. Its courses range from novice to advanced, so you’ll find one that matches your ambition and skills. Udemy stands out from tough rivals like Pluralsight and Skillshare because of courses diversity. The truth is that this platform is available to everybody, regardless of previous knowledge or expertise.

Are Any Udemy Courses Free?

Yes. Udemy offers over 500 free online courses on subjects ranging from beginner photography to game programming to time management and public speaking. Exploring the free courses — which don’t come with certificates of completion or direct teacher interaction — may be a fantastic way to learn about new subjects or see whether this platform is right for you. All you have to do is sign up for a free email account.

Will Udemy Help You With Your Career?

Udemy courses are perfect for anybody who wants to study, enhance their personal growth, or consider a career change; allow qualifying for a job if lacking skills, or even help master their field. Learners will get a Completion Certificate for all purchased courses, which they can share with coworkers and future employers. The certificate documents your achievements as well as the abilities you’ve acquired, but remember that Udemy is not an accredited institution.

How Much do Udemy Courses Cost?

Udemy has 183,000+ courses that are constantly being added daily by new teachers. Its single courses cost anywhere between $11.99 and can go up to $199.99. Most of the time, courses are heavily discounted, with the final price ending up being 10% of its original cost. It doesn’t only offer individual courses; it has courses for Business. The Team plan costs $360 per user per year, and the Enterprise plan is customized based on the number of users but needs a minimum of 21 users.

Final Thoughts

As I (BEN) sum up this short guide, you should have a comprehensive understanding of how it all works. Let me briefly summarize below; If you only want to commit to a reasonably priced individual course with the chance of it being discounted, then Udemy has you covered. It has a course catalog of 183,000+ courses on pretty much any topic you desire, which instructors continuously update.

Udemy for Business offers 3 different plans depending on the team size. 

  • Team plan (5-20 users) with $360 per user for 1 year
  • Enterprise plan (21 or more users) – contact sales for a customized price.
  • Leadership Development Programs (Open & Private Programs) – contact sales for a quote.

Lastly, if the purchased course isn’t for you, you are entitled to a 30-day money-back guarantee. The refund request is straightforward, and you can expect the money back in your account within 5-10 business days.

Editing Learning

A Complete Quillbot Review: Will Quillbot Subscription Blow Your Mind In 2022?

Looking for the perfect solution to transform your damaged and unstructured writing into a perfected and polished product? QuillBot provides an efficient solution that incorporates high-quality features combined with reasonable pricing, whether individuals are seeking an effective paraphrase, grammar checker, plagiarism checker tool. The greatest functionality and features aren’t accessible in the free plan, making us wonder if Quillbot is a one-stop writing solution and worth the price in 2022?

What is Quillbot?

QuillBot is artificial intelligence (AI) paraphrase tool that rewrites information to make it simpler to read, comprehend, and learn. The Quillbot team states that its tool is utilized by millions of individuals throughout the globe, ranging from academics to business professionals. It is most often used to generate readable content by rewriting sentences from existing articles. We’ll also look into some of the other things this program has to offer, such as the ability to produce paraphrases, quotes, and summarise the text with Grammar and Plagiarism checkers.

Quillbot Premium Plan

One of the best things about Quillbot is that they provide a substantial free plan that you may utilize if you’re on a budget. It has several restrictions that prevent it from achieving its full potential, but it is still quite helpful. The Premium version is available at three different price points depending on how long you sign-up for at once:

  • $14.95 ($179.40/yr) for the monthly subscription
  • $59.99 ($119.98/yr) for the 6-month subscription
  • $79.95/yr for the annual subscription

If you’re not satisfied with your Quillbot Premium membership, they provide a 3-day money-back guarantee, which protects you from serious disappointment once you’ve paid.

Best Features In Quillbot

You may have gotten the concept of Quillbot and how it works by now, but there may have been some details that I missed previously or did I? Don’t worry, even if I did, the following examination of the top features would be more useful, mentioned down below

  • Thesaurus support – for gathering new sets of vocabularies for better writing and can instantly grab synonyms in no time.
  • SEO-friendly tools – breaking the stereotypes and has included optimization tools, focus on making your content to the next level.
  • Paraphrasing tool – Its AI-powered paraphrasing works tremendously well and has the power to gulp in crappy sentences and perfect it like a diamond in less than 10 seconds.
  • Expand/Shorten – Individuals can shrink their content without neglecting important information and can elaborate the restricted content without the need to write manually.
  • Summarizer tool – AI-induced software that features a summarizer tool by providing a highlighted brief of the already written content.
  • Adjustable writing mode – quickly scan through the content by grasping the tone and allows individuals to adjust accordingly in multiple options, including creative, formal, informal, casual, advanced, and knowledgeable.

Final Words

What else can we say? Quillbot has impressed me in ways I (BEN) could not anticipate! The features are something that We can enjoy for life since most rivals simply concentrate on the grammatical element. Still, Quillbot moved ahead and produced a user-friendly experience with minimal lagging. In my experience, We noted that it is attempting to stay up with regular updates and is adapting according to the users’ comprehension by anticipating a lot of great developments in the future. Go ahead, step out of the shell and give Quillbot a try for free! You would be shocked by the outcomes.


An Honest Skillshare Review: Is Skillshare Subscription Worth The Money In 2022?

It’s been almost a decade since the online learning platform Skillshare launched, which doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon. It’s currently home to nearly 30,000 classes that teach a detailed specific skill engagingly and interactively. Thousands of those classes are available entirely for free to make things matter even better! Most, however, are locked with a monthly subscription fee, making us wonder if Skillshare Subscription is worth the Money in 2022? Mentorgenix dived deep into it to the learning pool to find out.

What is Skillshare?

Skillshare is a virtual learning platform with a fantastic community for creative people who want to learn and master specific skills. The instructors aren’t generally the world-renowned household names who grace the MasterClass virtual halls but are considered more knowledgeable, more organized, and more professional than the run-of-the-mill. Nearly all courses are presented in English, and nowadays, its apprentices are spreading worldwide. This platform boasts over 5 million users, most of whom belong from the United States.

How does Skillshare work?

Skillshare works as an online streaming/ learning platform, so individuals pick the course they enjoy taking. A video queue will appear where a certified professional teach learners how to gain skills in the particular niche. Although around 2000 free courses are available, most require a monthly subscription to best Skillshare classes. As individuals work their way through a course, they can ask the teacher or other students questions in the Discussions tab. 

Most teachers deliver feedback and answers fairly quickly, but be patient as educating isn’t their full-time job. Once you conclude the final assignment, you can share it under the Resources & Projects tab, where you can find others’ works as well.

How Much Does Skillshare Premium Cost?

For Individual Nos of Classes Community Networking & CollaborationOffline AccessDiscounts on other products
Monthly ($19.99)UnlimitedYesYesYes
Annual ($167.88/$13.99 a month)UnlimitedYesYesYes

Typically there’s a 7-day free trial available for individuals, and even they can get a full month of Skillshare Premium for free! Although an annual subscription is cheaper, but isn’t refundable after 7 days, whereas you can cancel a subscription at any time if you take a monthly pack, so be sure you’ll use it before pulling the trigger.

Benefits of Skillshare Premium

  • Access to all classes: Nearly 30,000 classes are unlocked with a single fee.
  • Enhanced community access: Get advice and feedback for your projects from Skillshare’s growing community.
  • No ads: Free classes include ads, but a Premium subscription removes them.
  • Support your favorite teachers: Membership fees go towards paying your favorite teachers.
  • Offline access: Download classes on your tablet or phone via the app for offline viewing.
  • Other perks: Discounts on other services like Adobe Creative Cloud, Squarespace, Todoist, and others (annual membership only).

Final Words

All in all, Skillshare is a great online learning platform for professionals and newbies looking for an affordable way to sharpen their skills, as well as lifelong learners who want expertise, variety, and flexibility. Access to thousands of professional classes for a single fee represents a significant value for frequent learners, making it worth going with the Premium Subscription.


Is Grammarly Premium Worth It In 2022: We Bought Premium To Find Out (A Honest Review)

Grammarly has evolved into one of the most popular writing assistants and spell checkers globally. However, its best and most promising features are not free. If you’re thinking of using premium online, it’s only natural to wonder: is Grammarly premium worth it? Yes, It is worth it; it focuses on catching errors in grammar and spelling than a standard free checker broadly and is considered one of the most beneficial online grammar checkers for writers accessible today.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly helps individuals communicate effectively, and millions rely on making their documents, messages, and social media posts clear, impactful, and mistake-free. Its sophisticated AI corrects grammatical mistakes and makes your writing understandable by building the right impression. It can check the tone of your correspondence, provide synonym suggestions to make the text more precise and readable, and check documents for plagiarism.

How does Grammarly work?

There’s more to good writing than just grammar and spelling. Grammarly inc’s product makes sure everything you upholds accurate punctuation, spelling, and grammar and is compelling, clear, and easy to read. It identifies and replaces complicated sentences with more efficient ones, strengthens the writing, and refreshes repetitive language. Its algorithms flag potential issues and make context-specific suggestions to help with grammar, usage, spelling, wordiness, style, tone, punctuation, and plagiarism. The suggestions explain the reasoning behind each suggestion so the individual can make an informed decision about strengthening the writing aspect. 

How Much Does Grammarly Premium Cost?

Monthly Plan Quarterly PlanAnnual Plan 
Main DealThe monthly plan is a considerably costly choice as it costs $29.95 each month. It’s the cheapest upfront payment, but individuals end up paying more in the long term. If you subscribe quarterly, it’s a 1-time payment of $59.95 for four months. You’d be charged again after that period, and it costs $19.98 each month if you break it down by month.The yearly package offers significant value, a one-time payment of $139.95 for a year, bringing the cost down to $11.66 per month.
Monthly Plan$29.95$19.98$11.66
MembershipPer month1-time for 4 month1-time for year

Why is Grammarly Worth it?

Grammarly online is worth it as it focuses on providing a wide range of tools to improve writing and generate quality material by fixing writing errors. It provides relevant and easy-to-understand reports for feedback and copies analysis to all users, from novices to professionals. Here are some reasons why “Grammarly Premium Worth It“:

More Corrections – Compared to the basic plan, which includes over 250 corrections, the premium plan includes over 400 modifications for a more in-depth look at errors on a single document.

Plagiarism Checker – Copying-pasting other people’s material is a major no-no since plagiarism is a significant problem. It delivers a collection of over 16 billion online pages with which individuals can compare their material to verify they haven’t plagiarized anything.

Genre-Specific Results – Customizable writing checks for a broad range of genres, including corporate emails, academic essays, and social media posts, are possible with over 30 document kinds.

Enhancement of Writing Skills – With the premium assistant, writing flaws aren’t only fixed; individuals are given information on their typical errors to check where they require to enhance and focus their efforts.

24/7 Customer Support – offers 24/7 assistance to assist individuals with their problems if they have any.

I Conclude

In my opinion, It is a valuable tool for nearly every writer out there. The beauty of English is that it is one of the most adaptable and universal languages available. The same words used in different situations can be construed in diverse ways and can guide individuals gently down the right road if they know what you want to say. Also, anyone who creates shorter content pieces can benefit from the free version. The Premium edition is especially beneficial for creating more professional, longer-form material. Mentorgenix recommends upgrading Grammarly business or premium, especially if English is your second language.

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