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Amazon Prime Video Review: Is Amazon Prime Video Worth In 2022? Here’s Our Analysis

If you’re thinking of ditching your cable company and wondering if you will going to miss the variety of content, then we are here to tell you that video streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video offer fantastic TV shows and movies options. This way, the individual can still keep up with their favorite shows, even if they settle to cut the cords, but it always questions us if Amazon Prime Video is worth it at $139/year in 2022?

What Is Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video is a video streaming service that provides access to a library of ad-free on-demand content, including movies, TV shows, and a portfolio of original Prime series, leading more than 150 million Prime members worldwide. If you’re not a Prime member, you may purchase or rent material from Amazon on a per-title basis, or subscribe to the standalone Prime Video membership for access to the streaming service alone as they have metamorphosed into a world of unlimited titles, and buffet-style streaming.

One thing we love about Amazon Prime Video is that they offer their users exciting content, including a growing list of quality original content. Besides its impeccable content, it also offers its users the option to download their favorite movies and TV shows for offline viewing. On top of that, you can also stream 4K titles.

Can I Try Amazon Prime Video For Free?

For the first 30 days, new members may enjoy a free trial of Amazon Prime, which is one of the most generous free trial periods available for any streaming consumers compared to other platforms. College students have an even longer trial period, with a free six-month subscription. The individual may either pay the normal fee or cancel their subscription when the trial time ends. To avoid paying for the following month, you must cancel your membership before the conclusion of the trial period.

How Much Does Amazon Prime Video Cost?

Amazon pricing has the most controversial elements, with periodic price rises to pay the expense of new Amazon Originals. Here’s a short overview of how much every Amazon plan costs throughout the globe, as well as what it offers:

Amazon PrimeAmazon Prime Video membershipAmazon Prime Student
Monthly Price$14.99/month$8.99/month$7.49/month
Annual Price$139/yearly$69/yearly
FeaturesStream all Prime movies and TV showsAll Prime Video featuresAll Amazon Prime features
Unlimited Amazon Music$7.99/month $0.99/month
Unlimited Photo Storage Yes Yes with Prime Student exclusive

Final Thoughts

It all depends on what individuals want from a streaming service. If you’re a movieholic (good, horrible, or anything in between), a Prime Video membership could be worth it as it covers a vast film library, particularly if the person can utilize it to save money on digital rentals. The increasing library of high-quality Amazon Originals is also a significant lure as there are no advertisements in any shows. Because Prime Video is accessible on virtually all platforms, individuals can watch it on various devices.

The platform does everything from letting you rent movies to allowing you to buy titles that aren’t included in your membership. Either way, I (BEN) recommend, consider trying out Prime Video free for 30 days — just make sure you cancel the subscription before it auto-renews.


Netflix Review: Is Netflix Subscription Still Worth The Cost In 2022?

Though it has far greater competition than it formerly did, Netflix remains the uncontested king when it comes to streaming. The firm that began its run more than 20 years ago as a mail-order DVD rental service has now modified its business model totally to reflect the ever-changing digital world. As a consequence, the corporation today counts more than 220 million members globally. It also establishes a status as one of the major media publishers internationally with its Originals program, but is it still worth it in 2022?

What is Netflix?

Netflix is the world’s top premium media streaming network, operating virtually in almost every country on the globe. It was one of the first participants in the streaming sector when it switched in 2007, and the investment has paid off with hundreds of millions of customers worldwide. It launched the streaming service originally on the basis of licensed material from other providers. The platform started sponsoring its own original programs in 2013. The first of these all-new “Netflix Originals” was House of Cards, breaking new ground for streaming-only television.

Since then, It has dramatically scaled up the development of original content, placing a strain on its partnership with other publishers. Giving tough competition to other streaming platforms, Netflix remains the largest fish in the pond. In fact, for many individuals, the brand has become associated with streaming, with expressions like “Netflix and chill” entering the general vernacular.

How does Netflix work?

Netflix not only offers one of the enormous catalogs of any streaming service but is also considered simplest to use. Once individuals sign up and log in, they’re presented with a user-friendly interface that provides popular programs to watch, as well as breakdowns by genre.

Netflix may take a few moments for the stream to start, but as long as your internet connection is solid, It should buffer, or pre-load, for a few seconds or minutes to prevent any studders. As you view more movies and series, It will begin proposing new shows based on your watching history. These might be hit or miss, so it’s normally preferable to acquire recommendations from friends or reliable sources. You may also click on the “Play Anything” option on the mobile and TV applications, and it will begin playing something at random based on your prior watching history and likes.

How much does Netflix cost?

Netflix pricing has the most controversial elements, with periodic price rises to pay the expense of new Netflix Originals and licensing deals and partnerships. Here’s a short overview of how much every plan costs throughout the globe, as well as what it offers:

Basic planStandard planPremium plan
Video Quality480p Max1080p Max4K Max
Simultaneous Streams/ Same Program Stream124
Download limit100 DLs on 1 device100 DLs total on 2 devices100 DLs total on 4 devices
Price (monthly)$9.99/ 9.99 CAD/ €7.99/ £5.99/ ₹199$15.49/ 16.49 CAD/ €11.99 / £8.99/ ₹449$19.99/ 20.99 CAD/ €15.99/ £11.99/ ₹649

They may modify these cost range in the future, but we’ll keep this site updated with the latest.

Final Words

Netflix remains my favorite streaming platform among the increasingly vast lot. It features a massive range of movies and TV series collections, old and new, thousands of high-quality original content, and an easy-to-navigate layout. Even though it no longer provides a free trial, it’s worth trying Netflix for a month if you want something fresh to watch.

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