All set to take yourself to the next level? We are with you.

Every day is the advent of a unique concept that encourages us to push a “Lil” more and construct a beautiful product that just works all the time, every time. We work for learners or students as a guide without costing a penny. After all, the only adequate way of growing is growing together and taking pride in supporting talent from every walk of life.

I have an obsession with understanding and helping the need once and how to make them thrive. At 18 (2017), I started working and helped numerous individuals to grow them successfully by building my own methodology, which has also helped our community achieve amazing results.

BEN (anonymous)

Founder and CEO

Because everyone need some spice in their tasteless life

As a movieholic, I never skip the chance to entertain myself as I believe entertainment brings happiness and breathes oxygen into our life when it seems bleak due to hectic schedules or unbearable responsibilities by relieving individuals from stress and pain.

In the end, stress relief and relaxation are more important than ever. Taking a few-hour break can be very beneficial for anyone to relax by disconnecting from our busy world. So, here we are, not as mentors, but as your entertainment buddies.

GRACE (anonymous)

Management Director

Our Expertise

Certified Content Developer / Proofreader

Versatile Content Writer proficient in researching, writing, and editing diverse content. Works with minimal input to produce engaging, authoritative, and error-free work. Autonomous yet communicative with a many-year history of superior performance in remote environments with 4+ years of experience.

Manipulation Artwork Artist / Illustrator

Dynamic and innovative professional with 6+ years of experience of invaluable hand-in experience in handling numerous creative designs, graphic design, animation, concept creation, and visual conceptualization with the advanced skills of photoshop, InDesign, After Effect, and Illustrator.

Cinematographer / Animator

Dedicated and passionate Cinematographer with stronger attention to detail and extensive knowledge of multiple movie-making software. Deeply familiar with 4.5+ years of onset experience and practical experience of camera techniques, handling complex and delicate equipment.

Web Developer / Coder

Creative and professional Web Developer offering 3+ years of experience providing high-impact web solutions for diverse industry organizations. Skilled in designing, developing, and testing multiple web-based applications incorporating a range of technology.

We serve you at professional peak

We are anonymous and intend to build things that last: a helping community, its culture, and a learning environment with effective solutions. We are happy people and focused on things that matter: your growth (and ours). We are a mosaic of independent and vibrant ideas with differing philosophies, all working together to create an environment of camaraderie and creativity.

We are your trusted and dependable partners, helped and helping numerous learners to achieve their goals through our strategically crafted solutions by guaranteeing them a simplified, hassle-free work process guidance that is transparent and reported. Our services are ideal for individuals struggling to make an independent base for the future and rely on Intentful Growth. Customer Oneness. Joy.

At Mentorgenix, we believe in the culture of identity and inclusivity as an Equal Opportunity for learners or students. To us, the primary basis of differentiation is the talent & merit of individuals who are willing to learn and earn through their own hard work and determination with our professional guidance. Remember, we don’t believe in shortcuts.

As a friendly and learning community, we take pride in the fact that we DO NOT discriminate on the basis of religion, caste, race, color, gender, disability, veteran’s status, sexual orientation, gender expression, or gender identity.